Record of Recent Meetings and Speakers


07/04/16 Cornwall and the challenge from Asian manufacturing Louis Turner
10/03/16 The successes, challenges & impacts of renewable energy on the electrical distribution systems in the south-west

Aspects of The Eden Deep Geothermal Project

Paul Jewell, Western Power Distribution UK


Tony Bennett, EGS Energy

25/02/16 A new coal drift mine in Yorkshire: The story so far Bill Birch & Toby White, New Crofton Co-operative Colliery
04/02/16 Good governance in the natural resources sector Joseph Williams, Senior Advacate, NRGI
14/01/16 An introduction to Falmouth Docks, A&P Group and the Cluster Support Team Shaun Herman, A&P Group
10/12/15 Heavy lifting, device installation and vessel operations in the marine renewables sector Diccon Rogers, Director, KML Marine Contractors
25/11/15 Innovations in Shaft Sinking and Tunnelling Alan Auld, Founder & Consultant Alan Auld Group
19/11/15 Building for 22nd Century London Andy Mitchell CBE, CEO Thames Tideway Tunnel Ltd
29/10/15 Geotechnical drilling in challenging marine environments Luke Griffin, FugroGeoservices (Seacore)
08/10/15 Presidents Address: Cornish Mining Alliances Kim-Marie Clothier, North Coast Consulting


Past Sessions

23/04/15 Engineering and craft: An unusual integration Dr Justin Marshall, Falmouth University
12/03/15 The evolution of brest practice in mine ventilation & degassing in the UK coal industry Bill Tonks
12/02/15 Mineral munching microbes: The future of mining ? Dr Chris Bryan, CSM/ESI
29/01/15 The Equator Principles: An aid to ensuring good environmental and social practice in the mining industry Kim-Marie Clothier, North Coast Consulting
15/01/15 Marine energy for Conrwall: recent progress and opportunities Alex Whatley, FaBTest Ops Mgr
11/12/14 Droning On: An introduction to the use of UAVs in engineering Dr Keith Russ, Western United Mines Ltd
20/11/14 The international mining industry: A consultant’s view Jan Lewis, Wardell Armstrong International
30/10/14 The EITI: Transparency in the mining industry Claire Short, Head EITI & ex-MP
09/10/14 The other side of quarry safety Georgina Speake, HSE
10/04/14 The essence of a hydraulic system Jack Penty
13/03/14 Block Model to Mine Schedule: An underground case study Lewis Meyer, Wardell Armstrong International
27/02/14 Managing climate risks in the mining industry John Eyre, North Coast Consulting & Phil Beauvais, Met Office
06/02/14 From drill to block model Che Osmond, Micon International
09/01/14 Achieving global reach by design and innovation in start-up business Phil Strong, CEO, Reflex Marine
28/11/13 Developments in Mineral Processing Technology Jan Cilliers, RSM
07/11/13 Mining legislation review Steve Denton, HSE
11/04/13 Surveying and laser scanning in accident investigations Matt Eyre, CSM
14/03/13 China clay mining in Cornwall: The way forward Edward Buscombe, Imerys
07/03/13 Is wind energy at a cross roads in the UK? Haydn Scholes, Director, Wardell Armstrong Int
07/02/13 Advances in coal mining support Dr Lorraine Kent, Golder Associates
10/01/13 The impact of renewable generation and low energy loads on electrcity distribution networks Paul Harris, Design Eng, Western Power
06/12/12 The extractive mineral potential of Cornwall Dr Charlie Moon, CSM
22/11/12 The Coal Authority:Managing the Legacy of the Coal Industry Steve Kershaw, Head of R&D, The Coal Authority
11/10/12 The road to zero harm Dr Patrick Foster, CSM
19/04/12 Engineering solar power in Cornwall Steve Dennis, Carnon Consolidated
15/03/12 Developing mining projects in West Africa Peter Taylor, Afferro Mining
01/03/12 Star and planet formation Prof Matthew Bate, Exeter Uni
12/02/12 Industrial Hydraulics: A brief history of the last 200 years Jack Penty
02/02/12 Mines, maps and models Dr Keith Russ
12/01/12 Intelligent electricity demand management at underground mines Nick Williams, CSM
08/12/11 Mineral extraction and the railway corridor Mark Walker, Network Rail
30/11/11 The future of coal in the UK and UK Coal’s future without it Stuart Hoult, UK Coal
17/11/11 If only tin were gold Paul Burton, GFMS/thomson Reuters
03/11/11 The United Downs Geothermal Energy Project Peter Ledingham, Geoscience
29/10/11 Visit to St Austell Brewery
13/10/11 Improved enegy utilisation in mineral processing using high voltage breakage KP Van der Wielen, CSM
05/05/11 Visit to Pendennis Shipyard
07/04/11 Bloodhound SCC
17/02/11 China Clay: An overview of a great Cornish Industry from past to present Ivor Bowditch
27/01/11 Rare Earths: The geology behind the news Prof Francis Wall, CSM
06/01/11 The Engineering Challenges of the Wave Hub
09/12/10 Mining, weather and climate change
18/11/10 Aspects of post-mining regeneration
11/11/10 The Murdoch Flier
14/10/10 Small scale mining
22/04/10 Gold treatment in Newfoundland
18/03/10 The Tudor tin industry
11/02/10 Mine feature remediation
17/01/10 Post-mining remediation: The Wheal Jane Case Study
10/12/09 A smarter way to manage risk
19/11/09 Stabilisation of the Old Underground limestone workings at Combe Down, Bath
01/11/09 Visit to China Clay Country
15/10/09 Research into the effect of Tunnel Blast Design on Vibration
07/05/09 Energy Security Prof Catherine Mitchell & panel ?
22/03/09 Visit to Bodmin & Wenford Railway P Foster (BWR volunteer)
19/03/09 Intelligent guesswork in the mining industry Prof Hylke Glass, RT Prof of Mining & Min Eng, CSM
15/01/09 The Bodmin & Wenford Railway extension project to Wadebridge and resignalling K Waide-Bull, Director, Bodmin to Wadebridge Railway Co. Ltd
11/12/08 The evaluation of minerals by QEMScan Dr G Rollinson, Experimental Officer, CSM
20/11/08 A remote surveying vehicle for 3D mine surveying J Jobling-Purser, Jobling-Purser RSV LLP
18/10/08 Ruby Mining in Greeland P Hegarty, SGS Mineral Services Ltd
16/10/08 A guide to groundsource heat pumps R Wedlake, Aquasource Ltd
17/04/08 Visit to Mosely industrial narrow guage tramway and museum, Tumblydown Farm, Redruth C Saxton, Owner
13/03/08 The importance of site investigation P Foster, Crofty Consultancy, The Wheal Jane Group
21/02/08 Penlee Quarry: its history and current & future development Prof G Walton, PGW & Associates LLP
17/01/08 Soil reinforcement engineering using geogrid matting I Page, Sales Mgr, Naue Geosynthetics Ltd
06/12/07 Small mines in the UK T Foster, HM Inspector of Mines, HSE
15/11/07 Wireless Communications in underground mines Dr G Kennedy, CSM
18/10/07 Migration of Cornish mineworkers and the proliferation of engine houses in foreign lands Dr S Schwarz
15/09/07 Energy, landscape and the price of coal Sir Michael Thompson
19/04/07 The management of Japanese knotweed M Prout, Thurlow Countryside Management
31/03/07 A conducted tour of South Crofty Dr K Russ, Baseresult
15/03/07 The use of biofuel within the marine industry in the reduction of pollution N Wood, CSM
15/02/07 Rosevale Mine, Zennor M Shipp & T Benetts
18/01/07 A documentary on the restoration of the Rosevale Mine, Zennor J Potter, T Benetts & M Shipp
07/12/06 Industrial minerals: Past, present & future Prof P Scott, CSM
16/11/06 Corporate Social Responsibility in the Mining Industry J Eyre, WAI
19/10/06 The RNLI in Cornwall: Past, present & future D Nicholl, Area Fund Raising Mgr
02/09/06 Presidential Address Dr K Russ, Baseresult/South Crofty
20/04/06 Nanotechnology and the minerals engineer Prof RA Williams, University of Leeds
01/04/06 Falmouth Coastguard Search & Rescue Operations Centre A Condy
16/03/06 The Be-Tec engine; Bioethanol as fuel P Hosken, Chairman, Trevithick Society
16/02/06 Guided day visit to KEM & Great Flat Lode
19/01/06 The Foden steam tractor restoration J Sawle, VP, West of England steam engine society
08/12/05 WAVE HUB A Future for Wave Energy in Cornwall G Patrick, Director, PFA Research Ltd
17/11/05 Engineering Images; A fusion of engineering and art Prof RA Williams, University of Leeds
20/10/05 The Cycleau Project: A transnational project to improve water environments. Dr L Jenkin, National Environmental Service
01/10/05 Brewery Visit
24/09/05 Clay Country Visit Ivor Bowditch
29/04/05 Visit to Skinners Brewery, Truro
17/03/05 Day visit to Imerys & Wheal Martin Clay Museum
17/02/05 Three day week due to interuption of the UK energy supply Prof JH Gittus, Chaucer Holdings Ltd & visiting Professor at Plymouth
20/01/05 The Construction of offshore windfarms P Clutterbuck, Construction Director, Seacore
09/12/04 The Wheal Jane mine water treatment process J Dolan, United Utilities Ltd
18/11/04 Can there be life elsewhere? K Menadue, Open University
21/10/04 Mining with computers Dr K Russ, Baseresult/South Crofty
25/09/04 Global warming: What on earth is going on? Dr D Watkins, Cornwall CC
24/09/04 Mine and mill process auditing S Barber, CSM
29/04/04 Tour of South Crofty and Tincroft workings
11/03/04 Visit to Skinners Brewery, Truro
19/02/04 Early uses of China Clay in the paper and cotton industries C Thurlow
15/01/04 Lime An Essential Lime: An essential mineral for mankind Prof P Scott, CSM
11/12/03 Process simulation: Getting it right by computer simulation before you build the plant S Frankland, Director, Dargo Associates Ltd
20/11/03 Recycling Dr TR Jones, CSM
23/10/03 The history of the coal mines resue service Dr B Jones, COO, Mines Rescue Service Ltd
24/04/03 Solar power and its applications R Boaden, Solar Flair, Truro
30/03/03 Development of the reciprocating joule cycle engine B Allen, University of Plymouth
18/02/03 The life & times of William Murdoch I Corkell
23/01/03 The Tamar Bridge D Simpson, Asst. Resident engineer
05/12/02 Once in a lifetime’ – The pitfalls of making a mining documentary S Polglaze, Chairman, CBMS
14/11/02 The British steam land speed record Mitchell Wenger & Chris Bowsher
10/10/02 Some of the Trinity House lighthouses and fog signals around our coasts A Renton, Curator of The Lighthouse Centre
11/04/02 Cleaning up contaminated soil and sediments by soil washing S Barber
14/03/02 The maintenance of roads and bridges K Withey
14/02/02 The impact of rock mechanics on the oil & gas industry Dr T Batchelor, MD, Geoscience
31/01/02 Valuable minerals from mine waste Prof P Scott, CSM
06/12/01 Marine renewable energy systems P Clutterbuck, Construction Director, Seacore
01/11/01 Resin transfer moulding at Plastech, Gunnislake S Lennard-Williams, GM, Plastech
11/10/01 Waste to Energy P Rudin, Cornwall County Environmental Services
05/04/01 Coastal erosion in Devonian rocks D Millar, CSM
08/03/01 Block caving methods of mining F Russell, Rio Tinto, Technical Services
15/02/01 Traffic – A menace or a conspiracy B Chard, BCC Consultancy (Traffic assessment & Control)
18/01/01 Minerals and metalliferous mining in the North of England Dr RF Symes OBE
07/12/00 Torbed Processors. How to speed up thermal processes R Healey, Torflech Ltd
16/11/00 The 200th anniversary of the motor car P Hosken & J Sawle
19/10/00 The Way Ahead, The design of small engineering industry Prof P Hogarth
01/03/00 Technology for the separation of plastics Dr R Pascoe, CSM
10/02/00 The Zambian Copper belt DL Chilcott
20/01/00 Alternative energy: the small hydroelectric potential in Cornwall R Evans, Evans Engineering & Power
02/12/99 Adit Systems, Groundwater and Contamination D Jackson, Markus Hodge Environmental
18/11/99 The Black Art of Mechanical Spearation G Martin, MD, Screening Consultants Ltd
21/10/99 British High Precision Engineering and How we avoided success R Moss, Special Support Services for Production Engineering
01/04/99 A Cornish Drilling Company Abroad R Gooden, MD, Seacore Ltd
11/03/99 Engineering the future R Hall
18/02/99 Building the Eden Project N Barnes
14/01/99 The real mineral resources of Great Britain Prof P Scott, CSM
03/12/98 Looking inside minerals engineering Prof R Williams, Leeds University
19/11/98 Cornish Mining in the 21st Century T Brooks
15/10/98 Hands-on CAD session at Cornwall College
23/04/98 Telecommunications now and in the future T James, Customer Service Mgr, Goonhilly ICC
12/03/98 The Construction of the UK Channel Tunnel Cross-over A Weatherelt, CSM
19/02/98 The Trevithick Trust in Engineering S Smith, Chief Exec
15/01/98 The environmental impact of the china clay industry I Bowditch, ECCI
04/12/97 Column flotation of coal at Gascoine Wood Mine G Budge, Process Engineer, RJB Mining
20/11/97 Falling apart at the seams; Faulting, earthquakes and landslides in Cornwall over the past 30 million years Dr R Shail, CSM
23/10/97 N Johnson, Cornwall County Archeaologist
10/04/97 Techniques of pumping heavy slurry M Graham & B Conway, Warman International Ltd
13/03/97 The Tamar Bridge; The first 40 years R Fish, Chief Engineer, County Hall, truro
20/02/97 The restoration of the Levant WHIM M Thomas
16/01/97 The environmental impact of mining on the Fal estury Dr D Pirrie, CSM
05/12/96 Tower Colliery: Back in the hands of the work force Tyrone O’Sullivan, MD, Tower Colliery, Aberdare
21/11/96 A&T Services Ltd. How it all began T Richards, MD A&T Services Ltd
17/10/96 Record slides at Marsh Mills J Elliot, Hochtief (UK) Construction Ltd
25/04/96 Aluminium: The metal for the 21st century R Woodward, The Aluminium Federation
14/03/96 Engineering in China Clay JE Allen, Production Director, Goonvean & Rostowrack China Clay Co Ltd
08/02/96 Its better by tube G Jordan & P Brown, Watson-Marlow Ltd, Penryn
18/01/96 Some aspects of engineering geology in Cornwall R Hocking, Cornwall County Highways
07/12/95 The 2nd Severn crossing G Howells, Comms Mgr, John Lane Construction
16/11/95 Mechanical aids to calculation Dr DP Blight
12/10/95 An Engineering View of Nuclear Elecricity generation, at present and future P Hosegood, ex-branch manager Nuclear Electric plc
20/04/95 Tin Mining at South Crofty K Ross, MD South Crofty Ltd
16/03/95 The Mufulira Mine accident LT Mabson, ex Technical Director, ZCCM Ltd
16/02/95 Seacore R Gooden, MD, Seacore Ltd
19/01/95 Mineral exploration into the 21st Century D Cliff, RTZ Ltd
06/12/94 Solid/liquid hydrocyclones in the oil & gas industry A Palmer, R Mozely Ltd
17/11/94 Foundry and machine shop management T Bell, Charlestown Foundry, St Austell
27/10/94 Current Practice & Use of explosives B Thomas, ECCI
21/04/94 Treatment of Mine Water at Wheal jane M Cambridge & RH Coulton, Knights Piesold Ltd
17/02/94 Modern Survey Equipment C Sawyer, Geodimeter Ltd
20/01/94 Cliff Stability on the South West Dr P Grainger, Exeter University
16/12/93 The Kaolin industry of Georgia (USA) P Ettenfield
09/12/93 The Redruth & Chacewater railway and the mines it served LJ Bullen, Cornish Mining Develpoment Association
24/11/93 Historic Cornish Mining Scenes LJ Bullen, Cornish Mining Develpoment Association
18/11/93 The electricity supply: from power station to consumer J Haynes & R Christy, SWE Ltd
04/11/93 The Redruth & Chacewater railway and the mines it served LJ Bullen, Cornish Mining Develpoment Association
21/10/93 Metallurgical improvements at Wheal Jane using the Mozely MGS separator M Halliwell
08/10/93 The Mines of Cornwall in their Heyday LJ Bullen, Cornish Mining Develpoment Association
24/09/93 Historic Cornish Mining Scenes LJ Bullen, Cornish Mining Develpoment Association
17/09/93 The Mines of Cornwall LJ Bullen, Cornish Mining Develpoment Association
11/09/93 Field trip to the Great Flat Lode LJ Bullen, Cornish Mining Develpoment Association
10/09/93 Cornwall’s Mining Heritage LJ Bullen, Cornish Mining Develpoment Association
09/09/93 The railway in West Cornwall in the nineteenth century Pat English
22/04/93 Cornish China Clay working methods in use from 1750 to 1900 C Thurlow
17/03/93 Tunnels on the Penzance-St Ives Sewerage System JJ Green, Pell Frischmann Water
11/03/93 Observations on some mines between St Austell & Par LA Stutheridge
18/02/93 Historic Cornish Mining Scenes Jeff Bullen, Cornish Mining Development Association
21/01/93 A geochemical investigation of the Redmoor SN/W prospect Dr Phil Newall, CSM
16/12/92 The Technology of Mine Drainage Alan Buckley
26/11/92 Wind power generation in Cornwall A Woodbridge, Ecogen
22/10/92 Dynamic separation: A new technology for water classification ansd mineral separation R Archer, WBB Hydro Ltd
09/04/92 HDR Geothermal Energy A Green, CSM Associates
12/03/92 Mundic concrete; a geological perspective Dr A Bromley, Petrolab
13/02/92 Mining in Zambia Past & Present
16/01/92 China Clay and its less usual applications Dr T Jones
05/12/91 The Channel Tunnel J Hamlen, Translink JV
14/11/91 Combined Heat & Powder R Mitchell-Harris, Energy Manager for ECCI
13/10/91 Exploration and Geological Research in Antarctica Dr D Pirrie
01/04/91 Dam building in Devon & Cornwall D Evans FICE C.Eng
13/03/91 The China Clay Industry Past & Present K Menadue
16/01/91 Cornish Earthquakes Dr K Atkinson
05/12/90 Mineral Tramways in Cornwall N Johnston
14/11/90 Flood defenses and Control in Cornwall J Woods, NRA
10/10/90 Electricity supply on and to The Isles of Scilly RJ Hunkin, SWEB
18/04/90 The Work of Trinity House: Some lighthouse history Capt TMP Tarrant
14/03/90 Changes at Falmouth Docs since 1978 TK Duncan, MD Falmouth Docks Ltd
14/02/90 Development and history of the explosives industry in the South West, with specific refernce to Cornwall Bryan Earl
17/01/90 Cabinet making and the North Pennine Orefield Prof WR Dearman
06/12/89 Recovery of Tantalum & Spodumene in Canada Mike Halliwell, Carnon Consolidated
15/11/89 Wind generation of Power Dr M Anderson, Vertical Axis Wind Turbines Ltd
11/10/89 Air classification and the Ecoplex High Pressure roller mill MH Prior, Hosokawa Micron
19/04/89 The Construction of the Saltash By-Pass JJ Edwards & P Harding of Nott, Hay & Anderson
15/03/89 Energy in the pipeline: The design and construction of a sub-sea pipeline.
18/01/89 Industrial Minerals in the UK: An overview of their occurrence and uses Dr Steve Hall, CSM
07/12/88 Magnetic Separation Dr I Wells, Boxmag Rapid
16/11/88 The King Edward Mine 1987-1921 AW Books
12/10/88 30 Years of gravity concentration: One man’s contribution R Moiley
01/04/88 The Saltash Road Tunnel Paul Haines
01/03/88 Alternative energy in the South West G Pritchard
17/02/88 The Work and Responsibilities of the South West Water Authority (SWWA) Keith Platten, SWWA
20/01/88 The Planning and Reserve Evaluation of Open Pit Chian Clay Mines: An overview and recent developments JH Howe & C Varloe, ECCI
09/12/87 Mining Development at South Crofty S Gately, Mining Superintendant, South Crofty
19/11/87 Model Engineering D Reynolds, Perranporth & District Model Engineering Society
14/10/87 The Ultimate Recovery A Wells, Metallurgical Superintendant, Wheal Jane Ltd
09/09/87 The History of Cornish Tin Mining John Brock OBE
12/11/86 Mineralization at Wheal Jane Miss J Holl
24/09/86 Magnetic Separation
23/04/86 The Future of Cornish Tin
12/02/86 Control of Exposure to ‘formation’ radiation in mine operations of XXX Consolidated Ltd
15/01/86 The Golden Witwatersrand
11/12/85 The use of explosives in English China Clays, China Clay Division B Thomas, ECCI
13/11/85 Operation Minecap K Quinby, Carrick District Council
16/10/85 Presidential Address E Crowther
24/04/85 Malaysian tin smelting and mining R Parker, CSM
20/03/85 The latest developments in geothermal energy research Dr J Garish, Energy Technology Support Unit
13/02/85 The deepening of Clenows Shaft at Wheal jane C Jones, Carnon Consolidated Tin Mines Ltd
16/01/85 Remote control & data collection of the SWEB distribution system in Cornwall JNH Ward & others, SWEB
12/12/84 The Polaris lead-zinc project P Heap, Matthew Hall Oretech plc
14/11/84 Planning and construction of the Hayle by-pass C Stringer, Freeman, Fox & Partners Ltd
17/10/84 Mining Prospects in Cornwall J Trounson, MBE
09/05/84 The China Clay Industry Dr SR Dennison, Director, ECLP Ltd
21/03/84 Information from satellite imagery J Rivington, Hunting Geology & Geophysics
22/02/84 The Hemerdon Project AMAX Hemerdon Ltd
25/01/84 Wheal Jane Operations JN Dowling, Carnon Consolidated Tin Mines Ltd
14/12/83 Cornwall: Birthplace of the telecommunications revolution D Kendal-Carpenter, Principal of the Porthcurno Cable & Wireless Training School
16/11/83 Electricity Supply JNH Ward & DJ Brooks, SWEB
19/10/83 Potash operations J McCormich, Charter Consolidated Ltd
28/09/83 Annual symposium
14/09/83 Presidential Address LJ Bullen
30/09/81 The Engineer in Society Dr P Hackett
29/04/81 Thermal enviornment in underground mining M Howes, CSM
18/02/81 Corrosion in engineering Dr JD Scantlebury, UMIST
21/01/81 Tin streaming in Wendron J Brooke
10/12/80 Mine feasibility studies R Craddock, AMAX Exploration of the UK
12/11/80 Four short papers of topical interest
22/10/80 Energy in the 80’s
24/09/80 The volcanoes of the Kenya Rift Valley C Bristow