Constitution of the Cornwall Industrial Trust

Cornwall Industrial Trust


At a meeting of the Trustees of Cornwall Industrial Trust held at Camborne School of Mines on Monday the 26th April one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven it was agreed that the attached Constitution should be adopted.


This constitution was amended at AGM on 15th April 1985 to reflect changes in officers (Section 4) and to add financial empowerment to the role of Trustee (Section 10).


This constitution was amended at AGM on 23rd April 2015 to reflect changes in technology (Section 2a), and in officers and their legal responsibilities under The Charities Act (2011) (Sections 4 & 14). The changes made in 1985 have also been incorporated fully where previously they stood as supplement.





(formerly Cornwall Industrial Centre Trust)


  • The name of the Trust is Cornwall Industrial Trust (hereinafter referred to as the Trust)


  • The object of the Trust are the advancement and propagation of education and knowledge concerning mining, quarrying, metallurgy, civil engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering, for the benefit of the general public. In furtherance of the above objects and not further or otherwise the Trust shall have power to:-
  1. Arrange meetings and receive papers, show technical presentations and conduct discussions:
  2. Give financial assistance to industrial and other symposia established for charitable purposes and intended to further technical education in the fields specific or symposia which, in taking such assistance, undertake to further the charitable objects of the Trust:
  3. Publish information in transactions or in other forms:
  4. Give financial assistance to enable learned charitable societies to publish papers of a scientific or technical nature in the specified fields:
  5. Collect records and statistics in the specified fields:
  6. Establish and administer scholarships to assist students at institutions of higher education to obtain technical qualifications in the specified fields:
  7. Pursue investigations relevant to the specified field.


  • Membership of the Trust shall be open to Industrial and Commercial Firms, Trade Unions, Trade Associations, Professional Bodies, Educational Bodies, Local Authorities and Nationalised Industries and individuals with special qualifications or interest.


  • The Chairman of the Trust is, for the time being, the President of the Cornish Institute of Engineers.

The names of the officers of the Trust shall be attached as an appendix to these rules and changes to the list of officers shall be communicated to the relevant legal authority by the Secretary or another Committee member.

The number of Trustees shall be not more than six nor less than three.

The Trustees shall be nominated by the Cornish Institute of Engineers and chosen from the members of that Institute.


  • The Committee of the Trust consists of the following members:-

The Chairman, The Secretary, The Treasurer and the Trustees.


  • The above officers shall hold office until retirement or removal by resolution of an annual general meeting of the Trust. Any vacancy in such offices shall be filled by resolution of an annual general meeting save that in the case of a casual vacancy the Committee shall have power to fill the same but any such appointment shall be only for the period ending with the next annual general meeting. Nothing herein shall prevent any person so appointed from being eligible for re-election.


  • The annual general meeting of the Trust shall be held in either March or April in each year and every member shall receive not less than 21 days notice of such a meeting. Special Meetings may be convened by the Secretary upon the request of the Committee of members upon a similar notice. A quorum for such a meeting shall be 4 persons.


  • At the annual general meeting every member including the Chairman shall have one vote. In the case of an equality of votes the Chairman shall have a second or casting vote.


  • The Committee shall meet once quarterly if there is any business to transact and otherwise as required. If the Chairman is unable to attend a meeting of the Committee he shall appoint a deputy who shall act as Chairman. Each member including the Chairman or his deputy shall have one vote and in the case of an equality of votes the Chairman or his deputy shall have a second or casting vote.
  • All sums collected shall be handed over to the Treasurer who shall pay the same into a Bank account, giving due receipt in the name of the Trust at the Redruth Branch of Lloyds Bank Limited.

The Treasurer shall present a statement of accounts to the Annual General Meeting. Where required by statute these will be duly audited by the auditors for the time being of the Cornish Institute of Engineers to the annual general meeting.

The income account of the trust shall be administered by the Chairman and Treasurer who will be empowered to sign cheques or make other such arrangements for this purpose.

The Secretary shall be empowered to counter-sign cheques.

  • The Trustees shall invest any monies not required for the immediate purposes of the Trust in securities in which Trust money may, by law, be invested with power from time to time to transpose such investments.

The loan account will be administered by the Trustees.

  • Any property purchased by the Trust shall be vested in the Trustees as joint tenants.
  • The Trustees shall, with such consent as is by law required, deal with the property so vested in them by way of sale, mortgage, charge, lease or otherwise howsoever as directed by the Trust. Such direction shall be given by resolution of the members of the Trust passed by majority of the members present at the duly convened meeting of the Trust, and when so passed shall in favour of the subsequent purchaser, mortgagee, charge, leasee, or grantee be binding upon all members of the Trust. A certificate purporting to be signed by the Secretary for the time being of the Trust shall be in favour of the purchaser, mortgagee, charge, leasee, or grantee be conclusive evidence that a direction complying in all respects with the above provisions of this rule was duly given to the Trustees.
  • These rules may be altered or added to by a resolution of the annual general meeting of the Trust carried by a majority of at least two thirds of the members present at such meeting, notice of which shall have contained particulars of the proposed alteration or addition.

Any alteration to these rules, so carried out, shall be communicated to the relevant legal authority by the Trustees.

No alteration, addition or deletion shall be made to this constitution which could cause the Trust to cease to be a charity at law.

  • Upon dissolution and after satisfaction of all debts and liabilities the residual assets of the Trust shall be transferred or given to some other charitable institution or charitable institutions with similar objects.


Appendix to the Constitution (last changed April 23rd 2015)

List of Officers of the Trust


Kim-Marie Clothier


Not filled


Mr Keith Withey


Mr Steve Barber

Mr Ian Falconer

Mr Paul Foster

Dr Andrew Wetherelt