The Cornwall Industrial Trust (CIT) & Its Awards

The Cornwall Industrial Trust
(Registered Charity No 273579)


While the Cornish Industrial Trust (The CIT) and The Cornish Institute of Engineers (The CIE) now share a common administration they are separate organisations and have distinct remits derived from their past activities.

Unlike the CIE, with its strong and direct links with the School of Mines, the CIT had its roots as an industry-led organisation. The Trust itself was set up in 1974 following the liquidation of the Cornwall Productivity Association which, since 1950, had served Cornish industry and commerce by arranging lectures, symposia, conferences, courses and study groups.  After consultation with member firms of the Association it was agreed that the £3,600-odd of capital then available should be used to form the nucleus of a fund to promote higher technical education in Cornwall.

After protracted negotiations, charitable status was obtained for the Trust.

Since then the Trust’s funds have been apportioned to investment schemes specifically designed to provide income for charities and a regular income is available for disbursement to recipients that the board of Trustees feel meet the Aims and Objects of the Trust.

Cornwall Industrial Trust Funding Awards Objects and Aims

The objects of the Trust may be summarised as the advancement of education in mining, quarrying, metallurgy, civil, mechanical and electrical engineering and the exchange of ideas and information in those fields, where the primary foci are located in the Duchy of Cornwall, have intimate links to Cornish engineering history, skills and endeavour, or are of direct benefit to the general public in Cornwall.

The CIT has up to £1500 per year to award in total. The Trustees are keen to support items that are not already covered by other organisations, and are especially interested to make awards to innovative proposals that can catalyse larger projects. Occasionally emergency funding is also awarded. Awards may be sought and allocated at any time during the year.

Camborne School of Mines students seeking travel grants are advised to check first with the CSM Trust (via the CSM office/Head of CSM).

The Cornish Institute of Engineers (affiliated to IOM3) may also support student-led initiatives. See and for contact details.

To make a proposal or to discuss potential proposals please contact Mr Keith Withey (Treasurer)

Constitution of the Cornwall Industrial Trust