The Current CIE Council Members

Over its 100 year history the Cornish Institute of Engineers has had many notable members and those who currently serve as members of the Council as listed here.

President (2020-2022)                           Nick Eastwood

Past President (2020-2022)                   Frances Wall

Student Vice President (2020-2021)       (CSM Student Association President ex officio TBC)

Senior Vice President                 Adam Feldman (Council 2019-2022)

Treasurer                                    Naomi Smith


Ordinary Members of Council

Matt Eyre                                 (2018-2021)

Stephen Wilson                        (2018-2021)

Alison Allen                               (2019-2022)

Pat Foster                                (2019-2022)

Karen Hudson-Edwards            (2019-2022)

James Jobling-Purser               (2019-2022)

Rob Pell (webmaster)                (2019-2022)

Andy Wetherelt                         (2019-2022)

Keith Withey                              (2020-2023)

Steve Barber                            (2020-2023)

Kim-Marie Clothier                    (2020-2023)

Keith Russ                                (2020-2023)

Laura Fusher                            (2020-2023)



Claire Yelland (not on Council)