Meeting Locations and Attendances

The CIE was originally convened at the Camborne School of Mines, Pool and held many of its meetings there. However it has never had a formal permanent home, relying instead on the generosity of others, notably Cornwall College, ECC/Imerys and laterly Exeter University Tremough Campus.

Attendences of the public lectures have waxed and waned, as has the underlying membership, but the move to the brand new Tremough Campus undoubtedly injected a new vigour into the lecture series and brought in a new set of students through the multiple departments (Biology, Politics, Law, etc) brought to Cornwall by Exeter University as well as the co-location with Falmouth Art College/University and its more technical subjects (Sound & Vision engineering, Digital craft, etc).

From October 1969 (the start of current attendence records) to October 2006 average attendances ran at 31, with over 8,000 people attending 270 lectures, talks and films. After October 2007 average attendences have run at over 42 per event, with a further 3,000 people having attended the latest 70 events.

In recent years three blockbuster events per year have drawn in crowds of well over 100 per event. The President’s address or the first address of the session (depending on whether a new President is being installed), the Don Dixon Memorial lecture and the Victor Philips Memorial lecture.

While recent attendence is largely driven by whether the students are studying or not, it is notable the over the 60 years that we have attendance detailed figures for, members attendance has been remarkably steady at 16 per meeting.