A Brief History of the William Thomas Memorial Prize

The William Thomas Memorial Prize

William Thomas was a founder member of the Institute who died in 1931. He had been Manager of Botallack Mines and Head of Mining and Surveying at Camborne School of Mines.

After his death subscriptions were invited for a suitable memorial and in 1937 it was recorded that there was £63/4/0 in the fund. When the Institute began activities at the end of WWII in 1945, there was much discussion and it was agreed that a prize of value £2/2/- would awarded for the best paper presented to a meeting of the Institute by an Associate of the Institute

The first prize awarded, in 1946, was to Mr. A. Bennetts for a paper on Geevor Mill.   The regulations were subsequently revised so that a paper could be presented by a student at any local technical college.

Although the prize was increased to £50 in 1992 it was presented rather intermittently, depending on the number of entries and the capital amount in the fund was insufficient to keep up the awards and when they were presented they had to be subsidised from the Institute’s general funds. The final prize was offered in 2002 but there were no applicants so the balance was transferred to the J.H.Trounson Memorial Prize Fund.