CIE Prizes

The following is a list of the winners of the prizes that the Cornish Institute of Engineers has handed out.

The John H Trounson Memorial Prize

After his death in 1987 a memorial prize fund of £1830 was raised and endowed as a separate fund to be admnistered by the CIE and its Treasurer. In later years, this separate fund was amalgamated into the general endowed funds of the Institute and the prize combined with the William Thomas Prize.

In 1990 the first award of £200 for the ‘Best student on an MSc (Mining) course’ was presented at the discretion of the staff at CSM.

2019 Award presented to James Coston, MSc Mining Engineering. James is from Truro and has a first class bachelors degree in Geology/Earth Science from University of Southampton  before gaining an MSc with Distinction at Camborne School of Mines, University of Exeter. After graduating in autumn 2019, James started a job as a Graduate Mining Engineer at British Fluorspar Ltd, Derbyshire

2018 Award presented to Jonathan Witter, MSc Mining Engineering

2004 Award presented to Reginald Lavhelesani Demana, MSc Mining Engineering

2003 Award presented to Theo Kandawasavika, MSc Mining Engineering

2001 Award presented to Stuart Rae, MSc Mineral Engineering

1999 Award presented to John Nayopa, MSc Mining Engineering

1997 Award presented to Alberto Gutierrez Cuestra, MSc Mining Engineering

1996 Award presented to Paul Barry Cartwright, MSc Mining Engineering

1994 Award presented to Christopher G. Tabb, MSc Mining Engineering

1993 Award not presented

1992 Award presented

1991 Award presented

1990 Award presented

The William Thomas Memorial Prize

The William Thomas Memorial Prize was created in honour of one of the founders of the Cornish Institute of Mining, Mechanical and Metallurgy, which later became the Cornish Institute of Engineers. Mr Thomas was a former Head of Mining and Surveying at the Camborne School of Mines who sadly passed in 1931. A brief history of the prize can be found on this linked page – A Brief History of the William Thomas Memorial Prize.

The prize, judged by members of the council of the CIE, was for the presentation of a formal paper before the Institute on a topic directly related to the mining industry. The supporting paper should be less than 2,500 words and the presentation no longer than 30 minutes. The winner recieved a Certificate and a £50 cash prize.

1946 Mr Alan Bennetts for his paper on Geevor Mill

Between 1945 and 1984 a total of 13 awards were presented

1967/68 Mr J.W.B Acland for his paper entitled “Electromagnetic rope testing”

1975/76 Mr T.A. Morrison for is paper entitle “Cut & Fill Stoping”

1993 Mr Alan Buckley for his paper on Mine Drainage

1997 Mr Thomas Kwan for his paper on “Stope Design at Olympic Dam, Australia”

1998 Mr Darren Osborne B Eng (Hons) ACSM for his paper entitled “An introduction to and potential use for one abandoned Cornish mine site”

The West Medal

Presented to the Institute by Wests Ltd (mineral processing equipment manufacturers) of Manchester in 1971.

West Medal

It was originally to be awarded for the best paper presented in Mineral Technology during the General Meetings of the Institute in any session. The regulations were modified to include any paper in Mining or Mineral Engineering given at either General Meetings or at the Annual Symposium, for consideration for this award but there were few applicants.

As far as can be ascertained the medal was awarded only once, to a paper by Dr. Osborne on “Marine Mining Problems of Ore Dressing” and once to Mr. J.H. Trounson on an unknown date.

The remaining 21 medals lie in a safe deposit, but there are plans to present two to the Camborne School of Mines Museum.

The Wheeler Critall Berry Medal

In 1972 Wheeler Critall Berry Ltd offered a medal and a £30 cash prize for papers initially on Electrical heating or ventilation, but subsequently widened to Electrical Energy or Instrumentation.

There are no definitive records of the medal ever being presented.

In 1990 the first award of £200 for the ‘Best student on an MSc (Mining) course’ was presented at the discretion of the staff at CSM.